Top 10 Upgrades

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You want the fireplace, you want the granite countertop—but can you afford them?

Scaling back on some of the features of your house may be necessary as you try to build a house within your budget. However, keep in mind that there are some upgrades that are more cost effective to invest in at the upstart of building than opposed to adding them later on once your house is already built.

Following are Van Huizen Homes recommended Top Ten Upgrades (in no particular order):

  1. Hardwood flooring
  2. Fireplace
  3. Granite/Quartz countertop
  4. Cabinetry upgrade
  5. Ensuites
  6. Trim
  7. Hardwood stairs
  8. Exterior finishes (stone,timber,hardie board, etc.)
  9. Increased garage size
  10. In-floor radiant heating