Keeping an Open Mind

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

And neither is a house.

Building a house is a process. It often takes people months—even years—to finally make the decision to build. Because a house is big. It’s complex. And there’s so many factors you have to keep in mind as you build: family circumstances, finances, geography.

It’s a big decision.

In my role as a Designer at Van Huizen Homes, I meet with clients to advise and help them choose many of the design elements of their home—paint colour, brick, trim, siding, carpet, tile, and all sorts of other design decisions that will make their house match, flow, and feel like home.  At these meetings clients like to come with their list of “must-haves,” “not-haves,” and, of course, their baggy of paint chips. And these lists are legitimate and can definitely be helpful. After all, you’ve been dreaming about your house forever.

But it’s because you’ve been dreaming of it “forever” that I often recommend that clients come to these decision-making meetings with an open mind. Time and time again, after I have made some recommendations or proposals, I have witnessed clients say such things as,

“No, I am certain I don’t want a dark-painted bathroom!”
“Sorry, I’m not a fan of brass fixtures.”
“Open shelving in the kitchen? That’s a crazy idea! I would never do that.”

We are not used to things “taking time” in today’s society. We like immediate gratification in almost every area of life. But your house can’t be ordered in a drive-thru. And you often can’t “change your order” once these big decisions are made.

So, my advice? Take time. Mull over suggestions that are made. Reflect on things you maybe never thought of—things that might even change your perspective. Things that might make your house even better than you dreamed.

At Van Huizen Homes, it’s our aim to check off as many of the boxes on your “must-have” list. But it’s also our aim to give you sound input that will ensure a cohesive final product that you will be proud of for years to come.