Home Buyer’s Tools

More than 14 days before moving:
____ Get boxes and moving supplies. ____ Arrange phone service at your new home.
____ Take unwanted items to charity and/or dump. ____ Set up mail-forward with Canada Post.
____ Dispose of household chemicals properly (old paint, caustic cleaners, etc.). Take these to the local Toxic Waste Centre. ____ Arrange the return of any cable TV equipment.
Complete necessary change of address forms. If necessary, do the following:
____ Drivers’ license, Health cards, Insurance ____ Make travel arrangements and reservations.
____ Employer, Doctor, Dentist ____ Arrange transfer of car insurance & license plates.
____ Magazine subscriptions and other mailings ____ Notify kids’ schools, transfer records.
____ Memberships, insurance ____ Register at new school.
____ Bank accounts, credit cards, and tax office
(Canada Customs and Revenue Agency)
____ Get copies of medical and dental records;
if you have pets, get copies of veterinary records.
8 to 14 days before moving:
____ Return borrowed items. ____ Arrange connection of utilities at new place.
____ Retrieve loaned items ____ Arrange disconnection of utilities at old place.
____ Arrange for major applicances to be moved. ____ Dispose of all flammable materials.
2 to 7 days before moving:
____ Determine what you can bring with you if travelling by car, plane, train, or bus. ____ Pack a suitcase with the clothes and toiletries that you’ll need the first day in your new home.
____ Prepare “installed items” that you’re bringing (TV antenna or shelves*). ____ Pack a special box with other essentials you’ll need for the first few days and marks this box “Do Not Move”.
The day before moving:
____ Take down curtains and curtain rods. ____ Pack your personal belongings, except your alarm clock, necessary clothes, jewellry and bedding
____ Empty, defrost and clean refrigerator; clean the stove.
Moving Day :
____ Keep paperwork accessible. ____ Collect all keys; keep them in a safe place.
____ Strip and dismantle beds. ____ Clean premises that you are leaving, inspect with the landlord.
____ Final walk-through: check all closets and cabinets. ____ If using a moving company, confirm the new address and delivery time with the driver.
____ If using a moving company, walk about with supervisor and sign inventory forms. ____ Know how to reach your new landlord or superintendent.
*Note: Ensure your lease permits the items that you plan to install in a new place. Some leases may not permit the installation of shelving screwed into walls or TV antennas.

Be sure to give proper notice; see the Provincial Fact Sheets for information on the notice required.