Sump pump monitoring for the busy or forgetful homeowner

It’s that time of year again when there is increased risk for flooded basements in homes. This is especially true for people living in wet areas. The number one defense in this situation is to regularly check your pump out, ensure that it is working properly, and confirm that the water is being directed away from your house. It’s also important to check that your eaves troughs are all directed away from the house as much as possible.

But let’s be honest. How often do you make a point of checking up on your sump pump? If you’re like me, my guess is that the busyness of life can easily distract you from making this a priority. But thanks to advancements in home wifi technology you can now get a sensor/alarm to send you a text message when your basement is about to flood.  For example, a wifi water sensor by D-link  (DCH-S160) will not only send you notification when water is detected in your basement, but a built in 70 dB alarm will also sound off, which could be handy if you are asleep. These sensors are inexpensive ($90) ways to give you that extra piece of mind.